4 Ways the Archetypes of the Tarot can Transform your Life

Tarot has a way of creating a shift in perspective and serves as a key to unlock a cosmic gateway into wisdom that we already had within us, but this knowledge was hidden behind a veil. Our thoughts, doubts, misperceptions, and ideas that do not serve us all obscures from us from the holy and truth within ourselves. Tarot is a mirror to the soul and it reflects back to us that which we need to see.

Harnessing the wisdom of the archetypes of the Major arcana within my own spiritual journey has helped me on so many levels of my life.

That is why we are going beyond the surface level with the archetypes of the Divine Journey.

So often we sell ourselves short, don’t see our true value and worth, and are not self-righteous - these archetypes help us to create a shift and to find deep value within the way that we show up in this world.

The School isn’t a Tarot course - while we’ll explore each card as an archetype, it’s more an activation to a more confident, nourished, badass, strong, and spirited you.  

From the time I first began reading tarot, it has helped with my career - from teaching in non-traditional settings to creating art to writing to graphic design - I have worked with archetypes of the Tarot to help me to find focus, dedication, success, and navigate through obstacles with co-workers.  When I understand the full complexity of an archetype, I can see it - in both its shadow form and its light form - and truly hold space for the person embodying it. Or, I can channel a certain archetype, like Justice and Strength, to show up as a Warrior Goddess in a meeting.  I worked with these archetypes specifically when I was in a situation where I was not taken seriously in a work environment due to my age, and it was causing a conflict with a manager of mine. The archetypes of the Tarot have helped me to have SO much confidence within work and other environments.

 photo by  Sierra Selene

photo by Sierra Selene

In relationships, the Tarot archetypes have helped me to heal myself and my  heart so that I can fully show up in devotion - whether this relationship is romantic or between sisters.  For example, when I fully understood the Lovers archetype and the way in which they are devoted to each other as Shiva and Shakti, I was able to improve many facets of my marriage that felt like they were on such unstable ground. When I looked at the Lovers, I saw their deep union, their need for each other. With this archetype by my side, I saw how to find a balance between holding space and serving as a sacred container (working with the divine masculine) or being the flow of energy within a relationship (working with the divine feminine).  Even more, these archetypes have informed me about my inner sensual nature, my inner wild, my inner passion.  It has helped me to see that there is such deep sacred devotion in sex and has helped to re-shape my sexual relationship with my husband.

In addition, the tarot archetypes have helped me to meet my goals on all levels.  If you know me, you know that when I set my eyes on something, I am ALL about creating an action plan to help me make my way towards my intention and desire with clarity and confidence.  Whether that goal has to do with a design project, a writing project, the study of something or the way in which I wish to get stuff done within my business - the Chariot archetype helps me to stay focused and to harness my magic like a badass.  The tarot offers me no excuses and doesn’t let me hold back from shining in my greatness and fully showing up.  When friends ask me how I am able to get so much done with such ease, clarity, and focus, I tell them about my work with the Chariot archetype.

The Tarot has unfolded so many gifts for me within my spiritual practice.  From heightened intuition to opening the portal for the sacred.  The archetypes of the High Priestess and the Hermit are two that I call upon within my spiritual life to help me to really drop in, connect with my true essence, and navigate forward on my spiritual path.  When I look to these cards, I remember the magic within my own system.  They have guided me to contemplate how to let my light shine both within and outwards, and to come up with an action plan for how I can be of service to others as a spiritual being.  The Hermit and the High Priestess archetypes have also shown me how to play with the balance of dark and light, and recognize the benefit of connecting with my shadow in addition to the benefit of working on a cosmic level of healing.

 Photo by S ierra Selene

Photo by Sierra Selene

So I teach what I do here in the School because I am SO passionate about the ways in which understanding these archetypes of the Major Arcana helps and benefits ALL areas of life.  I teach this school because it totally lights me up and illuminates my whole being to share the vast landscape that is waiting for you within each card.  

I could just teach a course on the Major Arcana and the meaning of each card...but it wouldn’t have the depth, the vastness, the full value of all of the entire energetic frequency of each card.  It would be selling the true nature of the cards short.  So instead of making this course about unraveling the surface value of each archetype, we are going to look at them through the eyes of the High Priestess and discover all of the rich and transformative energy that is waiting for us on the other side.

As someone who has been working with the tarot for over a decade, I understand these energies in a unique way.  I have been exploring my own spiritual practice since I was very young, and am bringing to this course my experience in leading meditation, understanding yogic and tantric practices, devotion to the goddess, and my passion for understanding ourselves on an energetic and cosmic level.  

As a teacher, I understand the importance of hands-on learning and experiences - so this course doesn’t involve a lot of reading, but more carefully tailored spiritual opportunities for expansion.

I am so inspired, lit-up, and curious around the way that these archetypes choose to show up.  I see them everywhere.  I see them in myself, in others. I see them in the work that I do, in my courses and in sacred texts.  They come up for me in my feelings and emotions, when I am watching TV shows, when I am listening to a song.  They permeate my existence in the most beautiful way.  

Harnessing these archetypes on the level of the High Priestess has totally changed and transformed my life.  I desire to guide you through this experience of transformation.  If the School is calling to you, I invite you to feel into www.highpriestessschool.com

If you have any questions about the School, please connect with me here