Through the Eyes of the High Priestess:


Calling all Priestesses, Goddesses, Creatrixes...

Come into the temple alongside your sacred sisters to listen to the transmissions from the High Priestess
and experience a rite of passage into the next level of your spiritual awakening.

You are awakening.

It's time to see the world through the Eyes of the High Priestess.

Are you ready for the next level of this mystical journey?

Enter the virtual temple to receive the hidden messages that have come through a mystical tool that has been used for centuries:  the tarot cards.  

I invite you to our sacred circle space and feel the potency of the High Priestess and the archetypes of the Tarot through story and ritual.


This LIVE Ceremonial Gathering will take place on Tuesday, January 17th.  

10am (LA) / 1pm (NY) / 6pm (London)


4pm (LA) / 7pm (NY) 

Meet the Priestess of this gathering:

Elle is an intuitive mystic, spiritual mentor, and inspired graphic designer.  As a Reiki Master who combines knowledge of Tarot, intuition, tantra, yoga, and goddesses, Elle creates unique offerings + courses for soul-seekers.

Elle's work is to empower others to connect to their inner wisdom.  She believes in the power of healing, energy, art, stones, and intuition.  An alchemist at heart, Elle thrives in a space where things are sacred and full of ritual.  She knows transformation can occur when we move the unconscious to the conscious; the inner world to the outer world.

Find Elle at Drawing Within + Drawing Within Design.

Through the Eyes of the High Priestess:

A LIVE Ceremonial Gathering
With Elle North

"Tarot is a kind of path, 
a way to personal growth through understanding of ourselves and life.” 
-Rachel Pollack

The cosmos have organized themselves
And arranged in a way in which you have begun your path -
A divine journey to communion with your spirit

You are the Priestess, the Goddess, the Creatrix

You are awakening.

You are ready for the next level of this mystical journey
It's time to see the world through the eyes of the High Priestess.

And my beloved, the temple doors are wide open.
Will you join us?