This journey is dedicated
to the High-Priestess that is within us all.

With gratitude Elle North calls upon the High-Priestesses who have come before us. We bow our heads in honor of the moon, the feminine cycle, the elements of Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Ether.

We ask to be illuminated through the light, the dark, the cosmos, the deepest part of the earth and the mystical keys that shall unlock the wisdom that lies within. We ask the mystical beings of all realms to enter our sacred space and provide us with information that shall support each sister on this journey.

In the glimmering amethyst temple, all women enter knowing that they shall unlock the mysteries of the High-Priestess journey by moving through and connecting with each temple room.

We bow our heads, place our hands on our heart, and declare our commitment to be of service to the path of the High-Priestess. May we be the temple keepers who channel the wisdom that you find is needed to be passed onto this tribe of women. We are here to be the holy bearers of your light.